Friday 25: Your T-shirt is great

It shows that you were a volunteer at this regatta which will be engraved in the history of the SRVA.

A real army of both big and small hands who gave up weeks of their time to prepare all the important and less important things for this week. Every day they were like an army of red ants (like waiting for the butter to melt) preparing the stage for what was ahead, even if it wasn’t their allocated job. It was like spontaneous adaptation before putting it all back in place as it was before. Like our friend Cyrulnick who explored this subject of resilience.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the ‘Staff’ team and the Organising Committee. The volunteers have given their time without any expectation of reward, because this would devalue their gift to the Club, and seek to keep their anonymity as all good club members would.

Is it a gift that will last?

The reward?

Look at the bow of ‘our’ red boat leading the favourites from Eastern Europe at the end of the long spinnaker run that we all know towards the town quay.

I am convinced that this excellent event has been made possible because there were many Club boats in the fleet, spread out to keep a watch on the competitors. It was like an encirclement, even at the back of the fleet, which kicked the heels of the cadets around them.

Sun Zi ( a Chinese philosopher) who wrote ‘ The art of war’ would have certainly appreciated this new tactic which was akin to entering the fleet like microbes!

He need to keep his confidence and close the door to his adversary who tried to pass. We really appreciated this special moment for the Club, and thank Maxime and Lionel for this great memory for the future of regattas at the SRVA.

1- Pologne / roca stavo – Piotr Tarnacki
2- Pologne / nr1jaja2 wolnego wybiegu – Piotr Ogrodnick
3- France / kumpelka – Maxime Brunel et Lionel Tissot de la SRVA