Wednesday 23: Vibrations in the starting blocks

We knew it could happen, we told them, and it happened, the wind has died!
Even the wind can lack air you know, we can’t always be perfect. So it has tested the nerves of the sailors, forcing them to lay about the quay of the Club, taking pleasure from mocking us human beings by denying us the gas we need. It has been a sort of war but the reality is that we all understand that nothing is ever certain in nature.
You don’t understand anything!
The wind is King, and we all need to respect and pay homage to his power, hoping that tomorrow he will not blow your little boat to pieces with the force that he can create.
We understand that when the water is like glass your hull sticks to the water, but tomorrow you will all sing together ‘Long live the wind’ because we need it become ‘Gone with the wind’ but we will take any promise with a pinch of salt!

Close your eyes, imagine that you have to brush your hair from your face because the wind keeps blowing it there…
(poet unknown)