Almost a sacred Monday

20170821_0_Piotr TarnackiAll the teams have been waiting for this special day for months, and the organisers have been busy preparing everything. This virtual start line for the first race has been in our minds all of the time. There is no pride but just hope and no expectation just ambition that this important moment will we shared to create synergy for all. I specify this because when you read these words there will be suffering from the brutal crimes of terrorism.
We all show solidarity with those who have suffered in Spain.
On reflection, the racing became more beautiful, stronger and more passionate. It wasn’t a given but at the end of the day all the crews and skippers gathered around the bar to meet those they had raced against during the day.
All were conscious of the fortune they had to be able to compete today.

The favourites didn’t disappoint and the outsiders gave it their best!
The beginers from the club felt the vibrations as the first start approached as the boats approached the line close together.They dreamt to be there and they were!

So tomorrow, we will particularly look out for Kumpelka with Maxime Brunel and Lionel Tissot on board who came 3rd in the first race.
So after the first round:
1st and 2nd Poland
3rd France

Photo shows Piotr Tarnacki who was 2nd in the first race.