Sunday 20: A taste of World at the Town Hall

20170820_0All of the participants walked to the Town Hall for a mildly solemn moment at the most official building of our wonderful town of Annecy.
The humourous Argentinians, Poles in deep concentration, the strong Russians, the charming Italians, the Germans in step, the stray Serbians, all together with their Lithuanian and Kazakhstan friends, without forgetting the French teams, both local and from elsewhere, all wondering what will await them.
Unsure of what lies ahead, the knees were shaking as they climbed the steps to the official reception.
Tomorrow all these teams will rub up against each other on the water, trying to forget the nervous ball in their stomachs before each race start.
But for now, the skippers can float a little during the official welcome to try to forget the pressure of what lies ahead.
That is the pressure of an International Regatta which few are used to.
Are we really all ready for what starts tomorrow? We will see…