J-7Hello dear sailors!

That’s it! In a week ahead some of you will be in place in Annecy and some others on the way.
We will think of you and we wish you a good trip.

The volunteers team of the SRVAnnecy introduces themselves to you: To welcome you, they will be red dresses, you will recognize them easily, they will do their best to make it happen for the competitors and their companions.

The regatta will look great!

There are 73 entries from 10 countries and three continents and 26 boats outside France including 10 boats from Russia!
It is the highest participation in a micro world championship. We need to go back in 2009 to Moscow to see 72 boats engaged in competed regattas.

And as you see in the picture, we still have bibs… Feel free to register in last minutes.

Everything is ready and we are very happy and eager to welcome you.