Friday 25: Your T-shirt is great

It shows that you were a volunteer at this regatta which will be engraved in the history of the SRVA.

A real army of both big and small hands who gave up weeks of their time to prepare all the important and less important things for this week. Every day they were like an army of red ants (like waiting for the butter to melt) preparing the stage for what was ahead, even if it wasn’t their allocated job. It was like spontaneous adaptation before putting it all back in place as it was before. Like our friend Cyrulnick who explored this subject of resilience.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the ‘Staff’ team and the Organising Committee. The volunteers have given their time without any expectation of reward, because this would devalue their gift to the Club, and seek to keep their anonymity as all good club members would.

Is it a gift that will last?

The reward?

Look at the bow of ‘our’ red boat leading the favourites from Eastern Europe at the end of the long spinnaker run that we all know towards the town quay.

I am convinced that this excellent event has been made possible because there were many Club boats in the fleet, spread out to keep a watch on the competitors. It was like an encirclement, even at the back of the fleet, which kicked the heels of the cadets around them.

Sun Zi ( a Chinese philosopher) who wrote ‘ The art of war’ would have certainly appreciated this new tactic which was akin to entering the fleet like microbes!

He need to keep his confidence and close the door to his adversary who tried to pass. We really appreciated this special moment for the Club, and thank Maxime and Lionel for this great memory for the future of regattas at the SRVA.

1- Pologne / roca stavo – Piotr Tarnacki
2- Pologne / nr1jaja2 wolnego wybiegu – Piotr Ogrodnick
3- France / kumpelka – Maxime Brunel et Lionel Tissot de la SRVA

Thursday 24: A very warm welcome, master of the wind!

It is this way, if you please, please take your seat in the middle of the lake, we are waiting for you

All of a sudden, the wheels of authority in the Race Committee became active, and we were on the way!

Never before had we seen so many crews ready to throw themselves into the lion’s mouth and thank the gods for letting us get going. If I knew what I was talking about I would be tempted to apply the theory of relativity but literally this time.

And so, what of it!

Naturally, in the wind and rain that arrived some of the boats struggled to leave the quay, especially those at the far end of the quay, where with the intermediary of the storm, some masts became entangled as if in an embrace! As they crashed together, the crews tried hard to disentangle them to avoid serious damage.

During this spectacle, the fleet progressed towards the sacrificial alter…

I don’t know if it was the magnetic fields created by that lightening that boosted the red hulled club boat Kumpelka, but it was he who resisted a final attack from the representatives of the Republic of Poland to gain a victory on the finish line of the first long course of the championships.

The race continues, so does the suspense.

Wednesday 23: Vibrations in the starting blocks

We knew it could happen, we told them, and it happened, the wind has died!
Even the wind can lack air you know, we can’t always be perfect. So it has tested the nerves of the sailors, forcing them to lay about the quay of the Club, taking pleasure from mocking us human beings by denying us the gas we need. It has been a sort of war but the reality is that we all understand that nothing is ever certain in nature.
You don’t understand anything!
The wind is King, and we all need to respect and pay homage to his power, hoping that tomorrow he will not blow your little boat to pieces with the force that he can create.
We understand that when the water is like glass your hull sticks to the water, but tomorrow you will all sing together ‘Long live the wind’ because we need it become ‘Gone with the wind’ but we will take any promise with a pinch of salt!

Close your eyes, imagine that you have to brush your hair from your face because the wind keeps blowing it there…
(poet unknown)

Tuesday 22: Annecy or Hollywood?

20170822_0So Tuesday began with a wonderful sunny day, and almost some wind, with slight movement along the tree lined mountains. What could we hope for with this cinematographic background of mountains and lake, hoping for the God of wind to save us.

Film actors complain often about the time it takes to make a film – somewhat like us waiting for the next race.

We are beginning to get a feeling of the final results of this International regatta. We realise that it is going to be difficult to stick with these prototypes from Eastern Europe, so precise and well trained. Whatever, the outsiders will whip their charges into shape and perhaps, a legend could be made…

“Don’t forget your spurs guys, once on the water, anything could happen!”

The actors of our western left the quay in the early afternoon, already tired but happy. They could almost forget the general classification, but the top boats would not give you any space to win.

Don’t forget: In the film ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ – ‘there are 2 sorts of guys, those who dig for gold and those who hold the revolver’.
So who is digging?

Apologies for the shy wind which refused to make your boats fly today.
(we have made an official complaint to the Office of Tourism…!)

Almost a sacred Monday

20170821_0_Piotr TarnackiAll the teams have been waiting for this special day for months, and the organisers have been busy preparing everything. This virtual start line for the first race has been in our minds all of the time. There is no pride but just hope and no expectation just ambition that this important moment will we shared to create synergy for all. I specify this because when you read these words there will be suffering from the brutal crimes of terrorism.
We all show solidarity with those who have suffered in Spain.
On reflection, the racing became more beautiful, stronger and more passionate. It wasn’t a given but at the end of the day all the crews and skippers gathered around the bar to meet those they had raced against during the day.
All were conscious of the fortune they had to be able to compete today.

The favourites didn’t disappoint and the outsiders gave it their best!
The beginers from the club felt the vibrations as the first start approached as the boats approached the line close together.They dreamt to be there and they were!

So tomorrow, we will particularly look out for Kumpelka with Maxime Brunel and Lionel Tissot on board who came 3rd in the first race.
So after the first round:
1st and 2nd Poland
3rd France

Photo shows Piotr Tarnacki who was 2nd in the first race.

Sunday 20: A taste of World at the Town Hall

20170820_0All of the participants walked to the Town Hall for a mildly solemn moment at the most official building of our wonderful town of Annecy.
The humourous Argentinians, Poles in deep concentration, the strong Russians, the charming Italians, the Germans in step, the stray Serbians, all together with their Lithuanian and Kazakhstan friends, without forgetting the French teams, both local and from elsewhere, all wondering what will await them.
Unsure of what lies ahead, the knees were shaking as they climbed the steps to the official reception.
Tomorrow all these teams will rub up against each other on the water, trying to forget the nervous ball in their stomachs before each race start.
But for now, the skippers can float a little during the official welcome to try to forget the pressure of what lies ahead.
That is the pressure of an International Regatta which few are used to.
Are we really all ready for what starts tomorrow? We will see…


J-7Hello dear sailors!

That’s it! In a week ahead some of you will be in place in Annecy and some others on the way.
We will think of you and we wish you a good trip.

The volunteers team of the SRVAnnecy introduces themselves to you: To welcome you, they will be red dresses, you will recognize them easily, they will do their best to make it happen for the competitors and their companions.

The regatta will look great!

There are 73 entries from 10 countries and three continents and 26 boats outside France including 10 boats from Russia!
It is the highest participation in a micro world championship. We need to go back in 2009 to Moscow to see 72 boats engaged in competed regattas.

And as you see in the picture, we still have bibs… Feel free to register in last minutes.

Everything is ready and we are very happy and eager to welcome you.

Animation and restoration

The Micro World Championship fast approaching! Here are some informations about the practical organisation of the event.

During the championship, light food services will be made available for competitors.

From Saturday August 19 to Friday August 21, it will be possible to have a breakfast, a light snack lunch and the evening dinner by visiting with volunteers under the Party tent located on the dock

A bar will also be open on Friday, August 18 to Friday, August 25.

From Monday 21 to Friday August 25, it will be possible to order packed lunches for lunch and take a full dinner at night.
The lunch and evening dinners can to booked now (it wil help us to organize) or when you will register at Annecy; in any cases, they will be paid the day of the registration.
Prices: lunch: € 7 and dinner €17. See below for ordering.

On Tuesday, 22 August, at 5.30 p.m., a guided tour of the old town of Annecy will be organized by the office of tourism of Annecy for the people accompanying you. The duration is two hours and costs € 5 per person.
Book now (it wil help us to organize) or when you will register at Annecy; in any cases, they will be paid the day of the registration. See below for ordering.

On Wednesday August 23 will take place the traditional meal of the crews.
This meal is included in the registration for the competitors of the Championship.
Accompanying people can join the them the meal with a € 15 extra cost .
Booking as soon as possible will help us to organize, but will be still able to do it at the registration time in Annecy; in any cases, they will be paid the day of the registration.See below for ordering.

Packed lunchs, meals or guided tour ordering.

You can fill and send back the ordering form icon_pdf or icon_doc.
The more you send the orders rapidly, the more we can do our best to welcome you.
Payments will be done at your registration in Annecy, August 18,19 and 20.
Contact and return :

We are happy and impatient to welcome you in Annecy !